Brothers on Farms

How Brothers On Farms Began

“Nature never betrayed the heart that loved her.”

That plaque is hanging in our living room overlooking our farm. I have always believed that we are stewards of the land and am baffled how mankind can abuse her. Living in harmony with nature has always been our lifestyle so when we purchased this 46 acre farm 15 years ago in the heart of the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina, my husband and I pledged to return her to the natural beauty she craved to be. Not long after we bought the farm we adopted our two boys, Dmitry and Andrei, from Russia when they were 2 and 3. Development of the farm was steady as we raised our boys. Brothers On Farms was created in 2010 to keep our pre-teen boys off the couch that summer by drilling 100 Shiitake Mushroom logs and having them sell them at the local farmers market. The business grew with the desire to utilize our 48 acre farm to serve the community. We decided to raise sheep to sell lamb by the cut, purchasing our first breeding pair in 2012. In 2013 we purchased five more ewes. 2014 was our first year full year of lamb production. The public response was overwhelming. Everyone was excited to see us at the farmers market and we'd sell out almost every week.

We processed 12 head of Animal Welfare Approved USDA inspected lamb in 2014. We plan to double our lamb income this year. We already have 20 lambs on the ground for 2016 out of 11 Ewes. We have over 400 mushroom logs in production. With another 100 logs added to this year's production. We also have contracted for a hoop house to expand our growing season and add more specialty crops to our farm. We are waiting on the state Engineer's designs to put gravity fed waterers in the 16 acres of pastures while subdividing them enabling us to have better control of grazing and cut down and eventually eliminate our feed cost.

In 2014 I was one of 32 selected statewide for the prestigious NC Ag Leadership Program. This is a two year leadership program designed to teach the recipients the leadership skills needed to bridge the gaps between rural and urban interests, to participate actively in issues affecting agriculture, and to foster unity among agricultural interests. This opportunity has connected me with industry funders and leaders making my visions for the farm and community more attainable.

We welcome visitors to our farm for free farm tours as long as we have advance notice. Give us a call at 828-389-0941 to make an appointment.

We sell our lamb and mushrooms right off the farm and visit many farmers market throughout the area follow us on Facebook to learn where we are and what we have available every week.

See you at the Market!

Susan Epps Ward

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